How to have independence in relationship?

Me and my boyfriend are both in college. We get along very well, and we're very respectful towards each other. It's safe to say we have a strong foundation. He's very caring, supportive, and I might even say very paternal. The thing is, he wants to spend all this time together and I'm afraid I might get in the way of his life. He's the best runner in the track team and I'm scared situations in our relationship might taint his performance in track and school. I help him with his homework and I encourage him to run as much as he can for practice. I know it sounds weird, but I don't want to be the highest priority in his life right now. I love him and I want to see him be successful. I am good for him, but... he does too much for me. He cooks, buys me stuff... like he won't let me do things for him because he says I'm his responsibility. If I want to buy something for myself he will take my wallet from me and then go up to the counter and pay for it himself, give me back my card, and laugh about it. I'm the type of girl that's better at giving and receiving and I can't deal with being a lazy princess on a throne. I literally had to go to the store by myself and buy him outfits because I wanted to and take them to him because it bothers me he does too much. II always make sure he's on track with his school work but I don't want to be the reason he might slack.


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  • I'm 18 and we're in the same boat pretty much. I think that this just means that we have values and standards. I'd much rather be with someone and make love to my partner than sleep with someone that I will never see again


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