Guys, in this situation would you prefer I date you or not?

So this guy in I were dating for about 4 months without labeling it, and I broke it off because I have commitment issues.. he said it was all cool but my guy friends told me he was just saying that... but we caught up for the first time in 2 months recently and he kissed me and I could tell he still liked me because it was that kind of kiss. Now guys, if you reallyyy like a girl and you know there is the possibility that she could break your heart because of her commitment issues, would you rather date her and take the chance, or keep it safe and stay friends? thanks

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  • If you don't like the guy, why making him go through that to start with?
    Can't start a relationship by reserving yourself the right to bail out at any given time due to your commitment issues or whatever.


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  • Well, if you are asking me, that's subjective. No, I would stay away, I might keep to just being friends with the woman.


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  • He's going to stick around to sleep with you. Most guys love sex without commitments.

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