Guys, My boyfriend did not add me to his social site... N has carpel tunnel. Says can't text but I can see him liking mutual friends pics? Ignoring?

My boyfriend removed me off instagram.. As we had our fight but still won't add me... Whats he doing?


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  • He doesn't love u, or maybe there is some other girl and he wants to hide you from that girl.
    maybe that girl has his password as well, and he doesn't want to get caught. beware girl.

    • I was thinking he just wants to show power... N by him saying he has carpel tunnel and can't text.. there's phone.. Voice comnand to eecord and send...

    • do u want to know some truth?
      u cannot remain away from the ones u truly love, this is the golden rule of dating
      even if he is giving u cold shoulder or silent treatment, he still would be caring for u, but he is not
      ur a mature girl, think about it...

    • True... So he's giving me excuses...