(Please help) How to find the right balance between acting interested but not too keen? Guys do you get put off when women are too interested?

So basically there's this guy who is being realllllly hot and cold with me. Like insanely hot and cold. A friend suggested to me that I had made myself too available and that's why he wanted us to stop seeing each other. (Which is true, I put a lot of effort in asking to hang out and arranging us to meet up etc.). So when they told me this I didn't reply to a text for 12 hours, he then replied instantly and called me saying he really liked me and not to ditch him.
So we've been texting a bit and now he's taking aaages to reply again. I really don't understand.

I like this guy and want to keep him interested, but don't want him to think I'm not interested, although that seemed to work last time. It's really frustrating finding the balance, how do I let a guy chase me while still letting him know that I like him and him not getting bored?


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  • I personally don't play games and hate it when other people do.

    • yeah same but i want advice on how to play the game with him because i do really like this guy, he's a great catch

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    • i tried that yesterday as my day off is today but he said he'll probably be busy and maybe another week

    • Now he sounds like he is playing games.

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  • If it was me I would tell him I dont play games and I am cool if he wants to hang out otherwise I dont want to pretend I am something I am not just to interest him.

  • Just act as interested as you are. Don't intentionally back off or play hard to get, or you'll just scare him away.