Should I go for this girl?

There's this girl that I think is cute and I would like to get to know her and potentially date her. She seems like a cool girl. I'm just not sure if I should based purely on age. Our birthdays are about a week from each other (mine comes first). She's turning 19 and I'm turning 23. I just don't know if I should pursue her. I want to get married in the next 2-3 years. I'm not looking to date just to date or mess around. She's only gonna be 21 at that time and probably still gonna be in college while I'll be 25 so I don't even know how she or her parents would feel about marriage at that age. What's your guys opinions on this? I don't want to date for a little bit and then break up and start over again. I want to have kids by the time I'm 27. I'm a very much family oriented guy and love kids. I know some of you might say I'm thinking too far ahead but these are things I think about. Like I said I have zero interest in just dating to date or messing around. I want to get married and have a family so when it comes to a girl, there's a lot of qualities and things I consider before going ahead with that decision to commit to something with her based on those reasons. I'll be posting a poll but I'd appreciate some legit reason for why I should or why I shouldn't pursue her.

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  • I think you should slow down
    While your intentions are good

    Who said this girl wanted to be tied down at 21? maybe she wants to continue graduate school or move elsewhere..

    Unless your from a different culture and this type of thing is "the norm" I think you should pursue her if you're willing to accept the risk that it may not work

    Especially with her being in college still, distance when you graduate and she's still there

    she can still potentially meet guys, someone she really likes rather than someone who's trying to marry her off right away

    Have you really thought this out? Or do you plan to live at college with her until she graduates because otherwise this whole idea is not seeming well

    2-3 years is a long time to be under such odd circumstances, a year maybe that's fine but 2-3 is pushing it


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  • Pursue her if you are attracted to her but drop the whole " I plan to be married in the next 2-3 years" thing. Marriage isn't something to be checked off on a bucket list, it happens when you find the person you want to be by your side for the next 50, 60, 70 years and can't live without.

    • The issue is that I want a family and kids. And I want to be in a young enough age when my kids grow older to be a teenager or even early 20s that I can do things with them. Sports, prom, etc.

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    • I want all of what you just said. But it's not mutually exclusive. Just because I have a time line for when I want to get married doesn't mean I won't be a loving parent or loving husband. Those things are actually EXACTLY what I WANT to be.

    • Then you will take the time needed to find the right woman to share those things with.

  • You need to talk things out with her and tell her exactly what you just told us. She needs to decide whether she's ready for a serious relationship or not.


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