Girls, I feel like I sent the gal I'm into a message that sorta pressured her... I want to send an apology but am afraid it'll be more pressure?

To simplify a long story... We've been wading somewhere between dating and friendship for a while.
She recently lost her job so when I asked her to go out with me to this (admittedly expensive) place she said she could not afford to go... So I told her that I'd pay and it wasn't a big deal to me though I'd understand if that made her uncomfortable and we could just go elsewhere... and she said it was to her cuz she would feel about not being able to contribute to the bill at all so it might be better to go somewhere she could get in for free cuz she still wanted to go with me...
Then I insisted that I pay anyway and that she should not have to feel like she owes me anything...
sooo then she hasn't responded...
i kinda want to text her back an apology over how damned sorry I am for being pushy... Cuz I feel like a total asshole right now... I mean honestly... I just feel like just being around her is worth the money... And I know she was excited to go there with me when she had a job... I just kinda feel douchey now but I don't know I feel like even an apology is pushy at this point.


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  • I wouldn't apologise. Iv been through the struggle of little funds and if she's a bit broke at the moment she might feel she can't justify enjoying an expensive meal when she can barely pay her bills. Also us ladies like to have enough money just in case. It sounds like she likes you. But you said it's no big deal to you to go to the expensive place when it's such a big deal to her, she perhaps is feeling low and worthless out of work and this just hit a sore spot. I would try inviting her to yours for dinner or asking would she like to try cooking some dishes together. Watch a movie. That way it's your treat but she keeps her dignity. Perhaps open a message with complete honesty. Don't call yourself a douche you're trying to show how much she means to you. Simply say Betty 😉 I like you, and I would much prefer to cook a meal with you and spend time together. If you don't get a reply then I'm at a loss


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  • Drop it. She knows where you are and any further discussion on that subject is going to feel awkward to her.

    • Yeah... That's what I figured... I just feel like a total asshole right now.

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