How long shall I wait to text a shy guy I'm dating?

So I've been on a couple of dates with a guy who is shy, I do no he likes me cause we have kissed before and he seems to relax more once this has happened lol I don't like playing games and I don't like not expecting him to intitiate things all the time either but I feel like I am because he is quite shy. He is a couple years younger than me to and hadn't been on a date in a few years so he says so I have took that into consideration. He messaged me when we get home after our date and then it was just a bit of general chit chat. I was the last person who responded to him on whatsapp. I haven't heard from him since last Thursday, and we did agree on meeting again and he said that the feeling was mutual. I just feel that it is a two way thing but I don't feel like I should always be the one messaging. Do you think he's actually interested or just shy and has a bad way of showing it lol? Or Shall I leave it until he messages me and if he doesn't take the hint? Or maybe I should message him this Thursday cause then that's been a week? Advice please? Thanks :)


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  • Honestly, just text him whenever you'd like, if you feel it then go for it.


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  • This is my life problem at the moment haha. Meh, send him a text. Just one though. And not about meeting up but just saying hello, and a quick fact about yourself. Don't ask about him. When he replies, reply double the length of time it took him to reply.

    I normally would say just go for it and ask him sometimes you gotta make stuff happen, but somehow I've ruined a potential relationship by being "too available" and not giving him a chase. I don't like games either but I'm starting to think maybe sometimes we have to play them..

    • Yeah it's difficult isn't it, I would message but I just don't see why I should cause I seem to be making all the effort, I'll give it until the end of this week I think then decide then whether I'm bothered all not lol

    • yeah im trying to tell myself im not bothered. its hard though because its not true. but fake it til we make it right, gonna keep affirming to myself im not interested and hopefully i won't be anymore (pah) lol. i hate the politics and games of dating i just want a nice man not all this farce :(