Girls, I want to wait for strong emotions before physical intimacy. Do you think you would understand?

I have been thinking about (giving oral, and why I don't normally enjoy doing it), and have come to the conclusion that I am not comfortable being that intimate with a girl I don't know very well.

So, despite the fact that I have lots of experience, I no longer wish to have sex with a partner until I really know that I like them, to the point where I WANT to put my face between their legs.

Could you accept that an experienced guy would want to wait, if I simply said I am not comfortable being more intimate physically than we are emotionally?

What if this took three months and many nights spent together?

  • If we talked about it, I could wait
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  • I would want you to try giving me oral (start slow?)
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  • I would still want to give you oral
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  • I would want to have sex, even if you wouldn't go down
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  • I would not feel comfortable with waiting for you to "like me"
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  • Can you at least use your hands?
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Surprised at the complete lack of negative responses. This is really encouraging


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  • Of course. I would want you to feel comfortable, and if strong emotions is the requirement for that, I think that's reasonable. Honestly, I'd probably feel more comfortable with that as well, though I have had sex earlier on in the past.


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  • Wow I wish there were more guys like you, you sound really mature


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