Do you think it's important for your partner to know your exact income? if they wanted to know really bad would that be a red flag to you?

My "BoyFriend" keeps asking how much money I have and how much money I make... that's odd to me... he doesn't like the fact that I don't need him and I make him feel less of a man when u get things done. ... even atfer he says "He can't do it ".. He has went to the extent of looking for my recipts.. and going with me in the store or bank.. just to watch mr pull oUT my debit card.. adding up money spent daily just to figure out what I'm wor king with... Now he asking me for shit... and Loan it to him... it's just Odd...


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  • it depends how long we have been dating and how serious we are. if we are getting married and having kids i would expect them to want to know how much i make and how much i have.

    • Well we have been dating 4 months and I have children and he doesn't. ... he talks about marriage but I feel he wants to get married for the wrong reasons control. ... once he express the fact that he didn't like the fact I didn't need him... my antennas went off... he said I'm like that because I'm two years out of a 8 year toxic relationship

    • maybe you are.

    • Mentally Noted

  • Exact income, no I do not find this information significant at all.

    • I feel there is a motive

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