How to give the first kiss on the cheek?

I am planning on doing it, I just need to find out when there is no football... but how do you do it? I'm in 8th grade and I plan to do it when we r walking to the buses. What do I say and what do I do? "Before you go I have something/a surprise for you."
*gets to my bus*
"Okay, first close your eyes"
*he does*
*i kiss him on the cheek*
"just the cheek."
*says I love you*

Ps he's taller than me


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  • I think all of that is good, just take out the "I love you" part. You can modify it to "I like you!" enthusiastically.


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  • How about you just kiss him goodbye before you get on the bus


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  • I'm 13. Using my brother's account though. My girlfriend just kissed me on the cheek out of nowhere and she had never kissed me before. I liked it. When it's the right moment just give him a little kiss on the cheek. It may be little but we like it. Most guys usually like it but not all.

    Just make sure that he's the kind of guy who won't go "Oh my gosh. She just kissed me." You know what I'm trying to say.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't say I love you but good plan other than that.

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