How often should my boyfriend and I be talking?

So me and my boyfriend have been going out just over a year now, we're both 16 and since about the summer we've been sending good morning and goodnight texts every morning and every night, he usually sends them first. But today is the first day in a while (maybe a few weeks) where we haven't said good morning or goodnight texts although we had a normal conversation in the day. Is this weird? How often should we be talking?


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  • Well, interestingly enough, how much you two should be talking to each other is up to you and him. If you feel like you two are at a good stable level (emotionally) then you don't need to change. But if you feel like you need more, let him know, start a conversation. He's your boyfriend, if he's not there enough, let him know!!!

    Z. A

    • It's not that he's not there enough-
      In my last relationship I was paranoid so I told myself in this one I wouldn't talk 24/7, I wouldn't expect Xs after each message to make it not a big deal when he doesn't. When he started saying night every night I knew it was problematic as the day he didn't, I would feel nervous..

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