Fun date ideas?

Me and the guy I'm recently dating are planning to do something this Sunday (we both had barely time to do anything beofre) and I'm looking for some fun date ideas.
Some background information:
1. The weather is going to be about 15 °C, no rain but cloudy.
2. He recently has his driver's license and can lend his mom's car so we can basically go anywhere.
3. He's available from 1 pm due work.
4. His parents won't be home all day.
5. We've known eachother for a really long time and are fully comfortable with eachother. Crazy ideas are welcome as well.

Sorry for the long and maybe excessive background information. Does anyone know something fun to do?


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  • If you live in a warm place and have access to a projector, set up an outdoor movie theatre on a garage door and make out to a movie in the car. If it's cold, check out the holiday events. Some have already started. Or dress up, drive outside the city and go on a hike.

    • It won't be warm and we don't have a projector or garage door...
      I will check if there are any events available.

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    • Yes I know. That's why I ask this question. I thought maybe we could mountainbike. We have a big mountainbike track in the dunes. We only have to rent bikes, what could be a little expensive, but we'll see. What do you think?

    • I think any date that you decide on and makes you happy will be more than glorious for him.

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  • I'l give you a list
    1. Build a blanket/pillow fort
    2. to for a drive, flip a penny 15 times heads right turn tales left turn. Have a picnic somewhere on the last turns stretch. If it is just houses, you can eat on the sidewalk or in the truck.
    3. Go out to a restaurant and sit down. Have him come in and give really stupid pickup lines, pretend they worked, and so on.


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  • Bowling
    Sex in a public bathroom

  • bowling, moviees, beach picnic, park picnic, netflix, go to a maltshop, just drive around and talk rubish there's always fun when the two people are compatible

  • Go to watch a peep show

  • Go-Karting
    Watch a movie
    Amusment Park
    there is a lot more fun thinks to do

  • Ga bowlig of mini-golf. Misschien eten?

    Please forgive my Dutch, it's very basic aha!

    • I like it that you try to speak Dutch.
      I pretty much hate both activities though, but thank you for the recommendation anyways.

  • Have kinky sex


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