Girls, how do you date someone that lets their parents control their life?

I dated a girl in the past just like this and in the end her parents just ended up forced up apart... she really did do anything other then cry for 2 months replaced me then come crying back a few Times. Anyways partime of me always blamed myself for what happened so am trying to learn from my past mistakes. Abu advice?

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  • No way I'll date someone like that.. It's like dating his parents not him

    • Yes it was pretty annoying tbh... its like everytime i think something is ok the parents say something and am like wtf she's like am standing up for myself. So am like ok... I didn't do anything wrong you can stand up too me but not your parents? They can tell you when we get to go on dates and thats perfectly ok? And i should just accpet its their rules fuck that your 20 years old and thats not normall. 75% of all oír problems were her parents or Facebook. But guest if i end up dating a girl like this agin i should dump her right away

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    • ohh and what does SMH mean

    • shaking my head

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