Boyfriend broke up with me but is now mad that I accepted it. Why?

Long story short, I've been dating my boyfriend for around 4 months (he was away for a long period of that time) and we saw each other again on Friday.

Anyway, he told me he wanted to break up and I got really upset at the time. Then today we were texting back and forth and I told him that I needed to know what he thought and what was going to happen as he seemed reluctant to let me know. He basically tried dodging my question three times but towards the end he told me he wanted to break up.

I agreed with him and told him I wished him all the best and hoped that he would find someone who would make him happy. For some reason he got really mad at me though once I said that and said that I hadn't been open with him etc?

why would my ex get mad at me when he was the one who suggested breaking up in the first place?


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  • Because he is trying to put the blame on you and make you feel guilty. It's reverse psychology. Don't feel bad it was his fault he wanted to end things.

    • Thank you. I didn't stoop down to his level and only wished him well. I don't really care about him anymore as he was quite hurtful towards the end and the reason he gave me for breaking up was quite silly.

    • Your very welcome. Thank you for the upvote. He had no right to treat you how he did. And that is good that you was the better person and wished him well.

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  • He was trying to manipulate you and he wanted you to keep fighting for something that is apparently broken. Anyway, it's his fault 100%.

    • Thank you :) and you're right!

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  • It was a test, he wanted you to fight for him. They say if you truly love someone/something, set it free


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