Guys, if im ignoring my boyfriend.. Bc he ignores me for my messages.. Will he eventually realize that he misses me and will message me?


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  • Lol this sounds like a way more fun fight to watch than mayweather vs pacquiao

    • Lol u r funny!!

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    • Lol no I'm not a pro "love your sarcasm and you could be the next gorgeous Sarah Silverman" I'm still being trained by my retired mentor and happen to be funny... but my opinion is that everyone is different it's up to you if you want to start a petty fight plus you're nearing your 30s and you still want to make teenage drama xD?

    • No i hate fights... But its like he tells me has carpel tunnel.. can't text but i can see him online.. So why tell me u can't text me n text others.. Plus he does not call.. Nothing...

  • No, that's a terrible idea

    • I know it is sweety but sometimes its like u need to give people a tadte of their own med..