HELP! I like my ex's cousin?

My ex and I have been on and off for a long time but I just decided to end it during the summer bc its not working out with the constant jealousy and bickering. He still has feelings for me but I just want to be friends bc he is a great friend to me. The problem is im attracted to his cousin And have been for a while. He recently broke up with his long time girlfriend as well. But my ex and his cousin are best friends and really close, they hang out almost every day. But the thing is my ex said I have so much in common with him and even joked around about me dating him. It is true that we have a lot in common and I feel like we'd have a strong connection. My ex found out im interested in another guy but I didn't tell him who it was. He was arguing with me over the phone and kept pestering me to tell him who it was. He got really jealous and I've never seen him like that before and it kind of scared me. I dont know what to do... someone please help.


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  • Then he is really going to flip out when he finds out its his cousin. No way don't even go there. I wouldn't do it at all.

    • Ugh I know. I think he found out.