When do you consider them family?

For those who don't plan on getting married when do you start considering your so family? I do and we are 24 and 28 and have been together 4 years.


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  • family = once u get married...

    it's a fact cannot be changed...

    • Ehh.. not necessarily a fact. Did you ever hear the expression blood makes you related loyalty makes you family? This would be the perfect example of that. Yoy dont necessarily have to have a piece of paper stating that you are committed to eacg other to be family. Im not saying bam once you date someone for a week they are family but i think if they are loyal to you have been there for you through things than it is fair to call them family. I mean isn't that what family is? It is a very narrow view to say that someone has to have the same blood as you to be considered family? I would be very hurt if after 4 years of being in a committed relationship and being there for each othwr my boyfriend who i plan on spending thw rest of my life with considered me not as important as his parents and siblings

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    • 4 years sure's a long time... so i won't deny if u "feel" being a family...

      i was just sayin wot "official" was... don't agree wid it as well tbh... ;)

    • Oh ok gotcha that makes sense.

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  • I am still looking for my special some one. When I find him I will.

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