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You have 3 frad tix for your college grad. You have one sibling and 2 parents. Obvs your parents get the first two but both your long term very serious so wants to go and your sibling who do u give the ticket to and why? Assuming at thia point in your relationship you consider your partner family. I would give it to my boyfriend becauas i am closer to him than my bro and we are starting our lives together so i see him as my primary family. He has supported me and been there for me so much in college.


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  • Can you try to get another ticket from someone else? Some people might not need a ticket

    • I asked around everyone else i know needs theirs but i think im giving it to my so. This is the man im very serious about marrying and he has been by my side through so much it just seems like the right choice

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    • And congrats!!!

    • Aww thanks and yeah picking my so just feels right to me