Do you think she's genuinely romantically interested at me OR simply hanging out?

I met this girl two days ago, on my working place.
Had a few mins conversation after my work, ask her when she's free for a drink? got her number, hold her hand, telling her will call her soon.
Next day, called her on the phone at night, she didn't pick up.
She called me back, i ask her when she's free, i would like to invite you out for a drink. and then she asked me whether want to drink/hang out at latter night cause she was on train station going back from work. I took the charge and setting the date 2 days later @3pm for a drink, let's see if there's still chemistry between us, if not it's better to let go.

Any details further you wanna know, u're welcome to ask me,
thanks in advance.


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  • Eh, hard to say, especially for me, I mean look at my age, but I have a hunch for both. She seems to want to work through the obstacles of meeting with you so she may want to expand the relationship further, but if she just wants to be good friends or friends in general, you could figure that out when you meet up with her.


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