Is this type of outfit too formal for school?

Im a grad student now want to start dressing like a man instead of graphic tees and shorts lol. Want to start rocking dress shoes with china's and botton down long sleeve shirts.. get them all tailored and fitted to show off my build. This overkill for college attire? I'll look like a professor lol.

  • Overkill for college
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  • Dress nice your a grad student now not a teenager
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  • Hey if it looks nice and fits well that will up your game with the lady folk so why not


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  • I wore that kind of stuff only when I'm in formal events. I voted B though. I'm not gonna spout Kingsman crap right now. I'd say those kind of attire might seem a bit weird but trust me it gave out some positive aura around you. cheers mate!


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  • I think your first step as a grad student should be using "your" properly.

    • When you are typing on an iPhone you stop caring about grammatical mistakes. Have to love the grammar police though. I'm a STEM major.. zero fcks given.

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