Friend's lover likes me?

Last Friday I took my mom out to brunch at a diner not too far from my house. One of the waitresses and I started to flirt with each other and exchanging looks (until I started joking around with another waitress, then she got jealous and got an attitude). I thought about getting her number when something inside of me said not to. The next day my friend came over to hang out. I was hungry so I suggested we go to that same diner. My friend got kinda nervous and told me that he was messing around with a girl who works there. It turned out to be the same waitress that I was flirting with. As we were walking there he told me that they went out on a date and slept together a few days later; she even gave him head. When we walked in together, her look was f**king priceless, it was like she saw a ghost. But she instantly started flirting with me and kept getting close to me, ignoring my friend. I pretty much ignored her and started checking out other girls. My friend starting getting upset and angry. Afterwards he started acting really weird; all he talked about was her and how he wants to take her out. I could tell he really really likes her. He even tried to buy her some chocolate and give her some jewelry that he bought for his girlfriend until I stopped him (he's cheating on his girlfriend BTW). I kept trying to tell him that she isn't worth it and he should focus on himself. I thought about getting with her and banging her just for the hell of it , but understood how much my friend likes her and decided against it. I'm still really confused about the situation. Now my friend invited me and her to his birthday party. I'm not sure I want to go but I know he'd really appreciate it. Any advice is appreciated, thanks. Sorry for the long read.


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