Which guy should I pursue/wait for out of these choices?

I'm 20, going to a great college and got a lot going for me ^_^ exept I can't seem to find the right guy!
Please tell me if there is any potential in these candidates?

Please not most of these guys I need to get to know more but want to know which one is worth pursuing or waiting for?

Note: I really did love the third guy but am losing hope and I don't know the other two well enough so I'm leaning toward the last option.

Thank you in advance!

  • 18, no college, has a small job, not as mature, lives close by, is nice, cute, not sure about him
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  • 24, lives close, still with his parents, nice and very smart, seems really into me, not as much confidence, has a job, wants a relationship, not sure about him.
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  • 25, completely independent, has a job, car, lives an hour away, shares lots of interests with me, am sexually and mentally attracted to, have slept with (fwb), and totally sure i love, however he is not looking for a relationship cuz of 5 year break up last year
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  • Don't pursue any of them and wait for the right guy to come along
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Just wait a little longer, maybe get to know everyone to the same level.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You don't have a chance with the third guy. You fucked him, men don't date women they can fuck without commitment. Very few, like 8% do, but this is very obvious here. He's making excuses because he thinks you're easy and doesn't want you.

    Second guy sounds ok. It doesn't matter where he is now, but where he wants to be later in life and what his plan is. His current state can't tell you much about him as a person and whether he can support a family one day. But I make it a general rule to avoid overly shy guys, because they are socially retarded almost by default and that will reflect badly on how he raises your kids and maintains your relationship.

    First guy sounds ok, but you gave us nothing on him here. Tho I also wouldn't date any guy I was inclined to describe as "cute". I pet cute things, give them food, I don't date them.

    All in all, I'd go for the second guy.

    • But I really do love the C guy, and its complicated. How could I show him I'm not easy?

    • You can't. It's a done deal.
      You can be proclaimed Virgin Mary on TV tomorrow, but in his eyes, you're easy. Nothing can change that.
      And if you try to pursue, do something about it in a forward manner, you'll only appear desperate and it will turn him off even more.

      The only option you have left is to wait and be friendly and nice to him. Don't do more than he does romantically, and if he doesn't... Give up and move on. He doesn't want you, you need to face it for your own good.

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What Guys Said 3

  • I think you already made your choice. Choice C, he's got the longest description so obviously you care about him more. Just go for it, and if it doesn't work out you can always pick another. It's not like they're the only three guys on the planet.

  • B/A>D>C
    I know that you want C but you can't get it unless you into being a booty call.

  • Of course when you pursuing 3 men at once, you like the attention, you don't actually like any of them, you're just looking for an excuse to not "be single"

    • Um, no. I really only like C right now, however the other two are guys who I have met and gone on dates with because I like them enough and I was tryna get over guy C. Right now, I honestly rather be single except with guy C.

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    • i wanted a helpful opinion, not an unhelpful and critical one -_-

    • I gave you my opinion

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  • Why are you unsure about B?
    Why do you have to decide now? Can't you get to know A or B a little further, you know date, and then decide if you want to pursue anything...

    • And C?

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    • he didn't say he didn't want one with me, he said he wasn't looking for one right now, also he said hed have to date me and see if he was interested.

    • If he was really into you, he would be looking for a relationship with you.
      Your in a relationship for 5 years, your a relationship person, not a player, as he was...
      Your sex on tap to him, nothing more, nothing less..
      I am being blunt, don't take it to heart, the earlier you see this, the better off you will be

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