Do you get bored of your SO?

Do you ever get bored of your BF/GF and you just want some time alone? How often do you feel this way?


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  • When I was in a long term relationship, yes at times. When we first started dating, he had nights where he went out with his friends, but it got excessive after a few months. He'd always come home so drunk... he would bail on date night with me to do that. That was rude and he bored me/neglected me so I broke up with him.
    I did talk to him first, and explained. Sometimes I just wanted to be alone... to the point I left him after the 5th time.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • never :) i wish we had MORE time together.
    but its not uncommon or unhealthy to want some alone time. doesn't mean ur bored, just means you want some space. im that way, too. everybody needs some space sometimes.


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