Should I Reply His Messages?

So, I happened to meet this guy on dating-site a couple weeks ago. We both agreed to meet up two weeks ago but he didn't show up nor text me if he couldnt make it (which pissed me off). Since then I never text him anymore.

However, a day before the meet up, I texted him asking how's doing but he didn't reply me message. Suprisingly HE JUST REPLIED my message TODAY! He said that he has been really busy because of exams. The question is should i reply his message or just ignore it?

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For those who chose "No, just ignore him." or "Yes but keep it short and cool." could you please explain why? Thank you


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  • he probably blew you off, I think you should try one more time, but if he blows you off again, he is a jerk and is not worth your time


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  • Guys aren't like girls and remember stuff... He probably forgot to text you back! And exams take a lot of studying, I'd text him, but don't get to close yet!

    • Well, I do agree when you say that guys aren't like girls who remember stuff but good God it's been two weeks, literally TWO WEEKS. I mean, is that normal? :/

    • You could text him and see how he's been? be graceful, but if he does it again i would say forget him (: my boyfriend (whom i've been dating a year now) forgot our first date and didn't text me until after a week after when it was supposed to be and he had no idea... ask him about it maybe? say "hey, why didn't you meet with me or tell me you couldn;t make it..." or just simply ask if he would like to try meeting again, and act like it didn't happen until you are comfortable enough with him to say something... and if he says sure to meeting with you again, try to make it closer than 2 weeks away! guys don't remember that far in advance most times!!! nothing against them, just VERY forgetful!!!

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  • I don't think he ignored your messages intentionally. Message him back! Don't be like me and write this long, winded message to your crush, though. lol