Girls, if your guy started losing hair in his early 20's and had to razor it all bald, how many points of physical attractive as would he lose to you?

I have a type of alopecia, just diagnosed, luckily I'll keep eyebrows etc but scalp hair is thinning hugely, I'm white and curious how this will affect what girls think, I don't mind a shsved head if the can still find me attractive, and I'm 19 by the way. And please only vote if you're like, teens to 24 let's say but I don't care who comments

  • It wouldn't bug me, I wouldn't lose much if any physical attraction
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  • I'd lose quite a lot of physical attraction to be honest
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  • It would be a dealbreaker for me
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I'm a Girl
Please keep in mind I'm white and I know that often makes a difference in pulling off shaved
Wow whomever is shallow enough they'd completely leave a guy for that, well I wish hairloss or weight gain you can't control on you then, see how you react when a guy turns the other way.


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  • Depends if he suits it, I'm general it wouldn't bother me though

    • Out of curiosity, would it be different if you weren't already with him? Like some guy you just met razored it bald and approached you, etc, would it prevent you from being with someone you weren't already with? Keep in mind he's white, I know black guys tend to get away with it more

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    • I am being honest haha. You look fine.

    • Thanks 😊

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  • I'm not going to lie. I'd lose a lot of interest. I absolutely LOVE his hair.

    But I'd gain it all back, after I got used to it... I'm in love with him, after all.

    • I take it you wouldn't give a guy a shot who was bald right from the start then eh?

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    • i shave mine from alopecia, and many do say I rock it which is why I was asking, but so if it looks good you don. t care and be attracted? Im only 20 and most say with a shaved head I look about 22 so I hope you're not saying being bald makes me look old haha

    • Lol! I'm saying my uncle's starting to look old, so it's hard to judge his attractiveness. Not that you are.

      Yeah. I mean, if I was still attracted otherwise, I wouldn't care. It'd just take some getting used to.

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