Time to think about it?

There is a girl I really like and I felt was flirting with me for the past few weeks. Anyway, our group was out at the bars and she was with us. One of my friends said she told him she would date me, but I had to come on to her. So I tried to dance with her and she wouldn't. I think she told another friend she wanted to be friends with me.

Anyway, I decided to tell her that I really like her and I'd love to take her on a date, but if I misinterpreted some signs, that was okay and I would take being friends with her.

She asked me if she could have time to think about it. Of course I said yes.

Not really sure what she will do now. Honestly after being at the bars I was really surprised she said she would think about it. But then again my one friend said the would date me if I were persistent and she did seem flirty originally.

Any thoughts for me?


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  • Maybe you shocked her and she didn't know how to respond. By the sound of it She wants to take things slow

    • Yeah I'm not sure. When I messaged her I basically gave her an out to just be friends and she didn't take it right then.

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    • I won't. If she is going to say no, I wish she just would have said it, considering I gave her a pretty easy out I thought. Makes it harder this way... if she says no

    • Like I said it could be that she's not used to being asked so straight forward so she was shocked by it. You told her how you felt and for some people it's not easy saying no it being straight up so they just leave it to you how you wanna take their answer if I were you I would honestly forget her.

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