Hi everyone,
reposting similar question.
Do girls like guys who are unpredictable?
Ie, im going out first date with this girl tommorrow. Possibly having a coffee date with her the first time. Main reason is I haven't got to know her personality well when i got her number few days ago.
I'm not planning to do any online research so far, just because it feels more spontaneous; and less nervous for me to think WHAT'M I GOING TO DO WITH HER THE NEXT DAY. but im also planning to ''see n hit'' which cafe seems alright, let's jump in and have a chat over there.

  • Yes. I like him to be unpredictable. Arranging things according to the flow.
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  • No. I prefer him to be structured, organized our whole activities for our first date.
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  • I'm a guy, see the answers.
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  • There should be a third option for girls.

    D. A bit of both.

    I'm not a fan of going with the flow for the entirety, but I'm not a fan of having to be here at this time, there at that time. A mixture of both is good.
    My first date with my boyfriend was planned at the start (we went for waffles) but the rest was mostly, find something to do.


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  • Personally, a date went horribly wrong because he went with the flow (and a very bad flow at that) and I couldn't get into the groove the whole evening...

    However, that doesn't mean I like organised guys; although I do prefer unpredictable guys, it all comes down to how the guy executes it himself.

  • I like a plan. I don't want a "I dunno? What do you want to do?" conversation on a first date.
    That being said, I still want room for spontaneity on the date.


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