I have a problem and would like advice?

i have an inferiority complex and fear of rejection with women, how would i get over it?
before you say try asking out women at clubs, bars or coffee shops
i have to say,
i don't like ear popping loud music
my ears are damaged enough from the last club i went to,
i don't drink often as i can actually taste the ethanol,
i don't smoke
i used to date someone that smoked
and now i try to avoid smokers when possible
too much tar one electronics,
and i don't drink coffee
i also dislike the smell of freshly brewed coffee as it smells bitter and tastes bitter even with sweeteners added.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe invite a girl to a cup of coffee. That's a great ice breaker :-) I love talking and getting to know someone I'm interested in. Just ask her "hey wanna grab a cup of coffee sometime?" It's asking her out but not so straight fwd she can shut you down and it be obvious.


What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like you need to find a hobby group with an emphasis on singles activities. Take up running, as you are a lot more healthy than I, haha (I smoke).

    Not every woman of quality can be found in a club, bar, or coffee shop. There are many that like to do things in the outdoors.

    Try that and see what mutual sweat and effort does to boost your confidence.