Why do guys like certain girls and not others?

Like for ex. a girl that are popular they go after her right away but like weird ones like me they don't, even if they do like me, is it because they don't want to admit that they like me or something else?


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  • That's a tough question to answer really, but I do want to state that not all guys are like that. One of the girlfriends I had when I was in high school was quite "nerdy" I guess and wasn't exactly the most popular girls in her school, but she was easy to talk to and made me laugh. And I was proud we were together.

    I guess guys, when in front of other guys, want to act the same way all guys act when they have to choose between girls. They go for the prettier / popular one as opposed to the, possibly nicer, weirder / less popular ones.

    Of course, I really don't think that anyone is weird, just unique. Unless you want to be classified as such, the that's fine with me.

    But yeah, guys want to generally look tough and act like all other guys even if they have to go against like sweet and generally more charming and more substantial girls like yourself.


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