Is acne a bad turn off on a guy?

I have always been told I am really good looking, at first it was just my mom and her friends saying it, but then my friends parents would say stuff like I would be a really good looking guy when I got older. In middle school I had a lot of girls interested in me and everything was good, even though I was incredibly shy, and self conscious, girls would still come talk to me, initiate conversations, and try to hang out with me. In Freshman year of high school I started developing severe acne, and I subsequently moved to a new school, which meant all my old friends were left behind. Of course when I arrived at that school my face was covered in awful disgusting acne and the girls didn't know what I looked like before. After that the compliments stopped, girls didn't come talk to me, they didn't invite me to hang out, I wasn't told I was handsome anymore and I literally think I went the rest of high school without having a conversation with a single girl (I wish I was joking). It just seems like girls aren't interested in me, and I am not very confident in myself after years of acne induced social anxiety, coupled with my extreme shyness. Girls used to talk to me, and initiate conversations with me, but I guess now that I have horrible acne they dont do that anymore. Is acne really that much of a turn off? wouldn't a good looking guy still be good looking even with acne? My doctor gave me some medicine that has really bad side effects, and a high rate of allergic reactions to deal with my acne, because its been 6 years and it shows no signs of leaving, but I dont want to do permenant damage to my body by taking this medicine, at the same time though I want girls to talk to me again and I want to get rid of my freaking acne, would it be worth it to take the medicine? I just want girls to talk to me again, I want to be complimented on my looks again, and have girls talk about me in a positive way again.


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  • It usually is.