How do you know a guy likes you?

*falls out of chair* I'm dying xD Thank you so much! I'll be sure to use your methods. ;)


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  • is he talking to you and actually text or calls or hang out with you? if yes to any of these and he's not gay he probably does like you

    • We text a lot... We hang out sometimes! He's gone camping with us, to the lake, and he just went to lunch with us Sunday :)

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    • Lmao. I might as well go for the mini skirt and button up shirt xD

    • that one is also a good one but the cleavage is easier cause most guys stare at tits hence a bigger chance

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  • Does he initiate texting? Does he compliment you a lot? Does he tease you? Does he go out of his way to touch you?
    If the answer is yes, then he is into you.

    • He does initiate texting! Haha, he does compliment me, but like really random things, like last time we hung out he told me to show him my watch and he was like: "That... That is a cool watch, I like it." Lol. He's very awkward... He's not a very touchy person, you know? He does sometimes. :P

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  • if he is trying too hard

    • He tries way too hard to get me to laugh, so sometimes I have to fake laugh to make him feel better about himself. xD

    • yeah , i am pretty sure he like you ; p
      i am also used the same trick once , making jokes

    • Thank you!! Haha, good luck on that :P

  • He'll flirt with you everyday until he gets your number.

    • Haha!! He took my phone Sunday and put his number in it... Does that count? :P

    • That definitely counts. That is actually a good thing. Text him, he wants you too. Trust me.

    • I did :) We had like a four hour conversation and like 3 emoji wars. :P

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