What is our relationship level?

January 2015, i met a guy online who made me fall so hard to him. Last feb. 2015, we decided to try Long distance relationship. In our first month, everything was perfect and so on the second month. And on the 3rd month, i feel like, our relationship is starting to fall. Last May 2015, we broke up frown emoticon. The reason is he can't do LDR and he said that he's tired to miss me and im his but he can't even hold or see me for a while. So we broke up but we still communicate. We're still friends. Last July, he got a girlfriend but they broke up just this month (sept). For this whole month of sept. I never text him because i feel like im okay and i feel like i moved on. Last sept. 26, i suddenly recieved a text from him saying "hello" so that day, we started to talk again. He shared a lot of things happened to him these past few months and he admit that he still like me. This is what he exactly told me " You were my type and all and everything i would have wanted but you were just too far away and i can't do Ldr " . i was like "Oh!" I still like him that much. . Do you guys think that this is right? I mean im loving the person that im not even sure if i will ever meet him someday. I asked him yesterday, "can u come here after college?" And he said "maybe if i can afford" and sometimes he will just say "maybe if you will give me a place to stay" .. Ugh! He's just the only one i wanted to be with but he's far. he doesn't even want to get married til he's 30 and above.

to be honest, I don't know. i feel like im confident whenever im talking to him. he's just the one i wanna grow old with. i even miss him in the midnight when i suddenly wake up and every minute of the time.


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  • You haven't met him in real life, nor is it certain you ever will unless he either has hte money or you provide accommodations for him. Till then, he told you himself that he can't do LDR.

    I don't see what sort of traits he's demonstrating that make you want to grow old with him. He sounds very wishy-washy, I''d say move on.

  • But he isn't your anything. It's a pen pal situation strictly

    • Yeah, Anon has it right. If you haven't even met the dude, why waste the time and effort?

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