Girls, are there more single men than women?

I've been out of college for an year, and it's HARD to meet new people. my work collegues are older, and have no free time to make new friends. my college and high school friends are too busy or live too far to see me. this makes it hard for me to make new friends and meet girls my age (23)

I did attend some singles meetups and notice that there are WAY more guys than girls. I see multiple guys hitting on a girl, and am often compting with them for her. I always lose for some fucking reason. This even happens to me on online dating. College was way easier than this shit.

1. so what can I do?
2. Are there more single men than women?
3. Is there someone for everyone out there? or do some people never find love?
4. how to meet girls after college, and get into relationships?


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  • More single women Han men