The "I don't know where we stand" drama?

I have been seeing this guy for over 5 months now (Except during the summer I was away for 2 months; 1 month and 1/2 into it and it has been little over a month since I got back). We were friends before the whole affair started, but not close friends.
A month after it all started, we had some sort of talk in which he thought I was more into him that he was into me, but that he was really enjoying it and didn't want it to end. To which I replied, that it was ok, it was too early anyways and that we can just slow things down, but I didn't want it to be over, just because of this summer gap. (In all fairness, we have been seeing pretty much most days, and we acted couplely when we were with friends - so I can understand the freakout)

During the summer, we texted every day, and he called me a few times and we skyped. The sweetest part was when he sent me a book out of the blue with a note saying he was thinking on me.

Now since I got back, I saw him the day when I arrived, and we have sort of got into a routine, of seeing 2-3 days a week. And if I don't communicate with him, he reaches out. So we text/talk everyday (even if its just short texts messages). From this perspective it seems all clear, right?

However, sometimes I don't know. It is hard to pin-point on what it is. I think neither he nor I, have put the walls down. So it is very hard to know where we are standing. We are couplely, and exclusive - but we don't refer as "us"[initially, he said that it make him unconfortable when people refered to us as a couple - but I don't know now], nor as girlfriend/boyfriend (To be honest I couldn't careless about the label).
But I would like to know that there is some sort of commitment. or what is it that we are doing?
To be fair, I don't know whether I am in-love or not, but I really do like him (flaws and all) and truly enjoy his company. So I am not asking for a love declaration here, just a clearer idea of what this is. But I don't know whether is too early or whether I should know if I'm in-love or not before bringing the topic up. Any advice? I'm just clueless at this relationship-dating-feelings thing. thanks.


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  • Time to have that talk