Crush flirts then pulls away? Confused should I just say fuck it? #hopelessromantic?

Flirt heavy with a friend I've known for 2 years. we work for the same organization. We been vibing and then literally the next day he started being distant and more. Instead he walks pass me every day looks and don't speak. But started to speak and hug the young lady that sits near me. I'm like what the fuck?(i keep it together of course)

So I tried to remove the elephant after a few days passed and I was like are you okay? how are you doing? As your friend I'm just checking in because you do the Same for me.

He says it's nothing but actions speaks louder thanks words. Is he playing games? Should I just start giving him cold shoulder too? Meaning move on.


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  • I believe you should start ignoring him as well. Plus, he doesn't seem very interested to be honest.


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