How do I know if he actually likes me?

I have told him I like him before and he has told me that he likes me but he keeps sending me mixed mesages. He's always firting with me but he has a girlfriend. He's done this to me before while he was dating one of my best friends. I didn't find out they were dating until after they broke up because he cheated on her with two other girls while he was also flirting with me and one of my other best friends. I don't know how he really feels about me and he keeps playing with my feeling. Half of the time he is like always talking to me and flirting with me but the other half he is completely ignoring me. I have no idea how to feel about him with everything that he does and his mixed messages and playing with my feelings has led me to self-harm and he knows about it but it doesn't really seem like cares. He has never said anything about it to me or asked me about it and I just really don't know what to do. Please help me, I am so confused.


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  • Do you have mutual friends? Maybe you can try asking them if they know something about it.

    • Actually, today one of our friends told me he likes me and that he wanted to ask me out. So, thank you :)