Is it ok to have a crush on someone in a relationship?

So I'm friends with this girl who has the cutest boyfriend ever and I can't help having a little crush on him. .-. If I just never told anyone and pretended I don't, is that ok? Like just having a crush but never actually advancing or trying to break them up because I think they make a great couple. I'm sorry! Wah

I don't even knowww


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  • No its fine to have that crush:) you should NEVER break one up though thats cruel af !

    • No no, i would never do that ever D:

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  • As long as you don't act on the feelings, it should be okay. Try to focus your thoughts elsewhere, too.

    • Do you have any advice on how to stop, then? Or you know, distract myself :p

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    • I mean, you can say, "Hi," and talk to him, of course. I guess try not to get into anything too personal. Keep it on the superficial level.

    • Thanks for MHO! Hope you're finding other ways to keep yourself occupied, haha.

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  • Just as long as they aren't married then it's harmless if you keep it to yourself. You might want to distance yourself from being around him ever.

    • no they're not married, and don't worry i can control myself :p i just think it'd be a bit hard to distance myself because he kind of lives with her

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    • yeah, it's just that we're like bffs and i dont know how i can distance myself, is there any way that doesn't come across oddly?

    • Yes, start dating someone. If you're like me and can't have a crush on two people at the same time then you'll be good. But subjected yourself to a situation in which you want someone you can't have (particularly your friends man) is not fair to you and can potentially make you do something you'd never imagine doing if that person is crushing on you as well, but it's not fair to your friend. You're lusting right now over a man you can't have.

  • You can have a crush but that doesn't mean anything. I have a crush on prince William and he's married :)

    • xD i was just wondering if it was bad and i should stop haha thanks

    • Don't beat yourself up for it :) it's totally fine :)

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