I think my boss likes me?

I'm new at this Job and I'm still under my trial period but a few weeks after I stared I saw this guy who I though was cute and I notice he looked at me and we made eye contact as time went I find out he was my boss and he had a girlfriend so I backed away and I gave him the cold shoulder but he kept looking at me and acting weird every time a guy would talk to me he's always around me and he keeps a close eye on me and I notice he gets nervous when he talks to me I was called into the office because someone complain that he as harassing me and they wanted to know if this was true and I told them I didn't felt like he was doing that but it was odd that he was everywhere I was and lately he has try to approach me when he never talks to me he avoids me and when he talks to me he gets nervous tics I like him back but I hide my feelings and try my best to have a poker face so I give him the cold shoulder but he keeps doing the whole looking at me and when he saw I wasn't feeling well he ask me if I was OK I don't wanna report him if anything I wanna warm him that they know I don't want him transfer or to get punish or fire even do he has a girlfriend I still have feelings for him and I care for him and I don't want anything bad to happen to him what should I do


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  • He sounds like a creep

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