He lost everything... and now?

The guy I'm dating now we're on the verge of being in a committed relation soon until he lost everything business, house, car. This happened in May, and I've been supportive since then, but now it's to the point where I feel like he's totally pushing me away and rather hang out with his friends. For instance anytime I voice my concerns he says "He hasn't been himsel lately" or "I'm not in a good place in my life right now". Granted, I understand the severity of his situation but how is it that he don't see that I'm here for him. I never left his side since it happened, and what frustrates me he hangs out with his guy friends instead of just seeing me sometimes


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  • Didn't your guy go on a trip with his friends? I seem to recall a similar question from a couple of months ago...

    Your guy feels like is is not worth your love. He feels like a loser. If it doesn't matter to him, tell him exactly what you think about the situation and how his actions are making you feel. If that doesn't work, maybe let go of him until he feels like he's back on the saddle...

    • But what would make him think that? I never gave the impression

    • You have no parts in that. It's all about him. His self-esteem is gone. When you lost your self-esteem, you start asking yourself how can this beautiful girl want to be with a loser like me? And you start thinking that she would probably be better off with someone who is worth her while. That's why he is pushing you away. He thinks he does not deserve your love. You never had to say a word. If you say anything, he might not believe you. Like when you tell a girl that she looks beautiful but she just won't believe you no matter what you say.

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  • I know you're probably not gonna like this but take a break from him. Sometimes people don't realise what they have until that person is gone or away. He's taking you for granted. You don't wanna go wasting time voicing concerns that just end up being ignored. And if he really does need you, he will let you know. If he doesn't for several weeks then call it quits, you're still young and there's many people out there, and there's no point dwelling over people who neglect you.

    • I've decided to go on break its been three days since either of us contact one another

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  • Well did you think maybe he thinks he can't offer you anything any more? So maybe he doesn't want to be bothered no more. Give him some space to see if he comes around.

    • But I never asked him for anything even before this happened. maybe your right that can be a possibility because he said to me once that he loves me a lot and care for me but it gets on his nerves that he can't give me the time I deserve

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    • It just sucks when you're in love with the person

    • I know! I am sorry you are going threw this 😞. Things will get better eventually

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