Is it love in going through?

So i had feelings for this girl for about a year. About a months and a half ago i finally told her how i felt and she said she felt the same. So obviously it was one of the best feelings in the world. Weve been on 4 dates so far and I get this amazing feeling when im with her, a feeling i can't explain. Am I in love so soon?


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  • Falling in love can happen quickly. It may or may not stay around but don't be alerted by the feeling. It can hit yoy anytime anywhere and it's not a choice so don't stress it. Just enjoy it:)

    by the way what exactly did you say to her when you confessed?

    • I told her my true feelings. Like I thought she was one pf the best girls I've ever met. she's sweet, smart , funny, kind, etc.

    • That so what you think... Did you tell her how you feel? And what you wanted? Or you just both said I think you're doll and then dated?

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