When is too young to start dating?

I am 14 and i date people at my school. Before you say im too young, i will provide background. I have a bike and i can ride up to 15-20 miles at any given time. I go and pick up whoever im taking, with a bag of waters on my back, and they sit on the seat (i have it moved back a lot because i dont sit when i ride). People have told me that im too young, even though i am able to get around. where i need to go, i can make enough money to pay for it all, and can still get all my schoolwork done. I babysit for $5-$10 an hour, and sell stuff at school to make a bit extra. I tutor the 7th and 8th graders after school every Tuesday amd Thursday, whilst doing my own extra curricular activities.

Now to the actual question. Is it really to young at 14 with this much responsibility and maturity to be dating? (Sorry if none of this seems relevant, i dont know how to put it)

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  • 'dating' in 9th grade (I'm assuming) isn't really dating, in the sense that it doesn't come with as many repercussions. (i'm in 9th grade too dude i'm not trying to be patronizing lol)

    if you want to hold hands with someone and go to the movies and maybe make out a little I don't think there's anything wrong with that. As long as you're not having sex, and keeping up with your grades and responsibilities, go ahead.

    In general though, there are a lot of stupid things that can come out of teenage relationships, especially if there's a large age gap (the measly four years between a senior and a freshman packs a craaaazy amount of life experience), so I can't say there's a definite age that makes people mature enough to date. It's all case-by-case.


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  • It is, and it isn't. I'll explain:

    13-16 year olds usually have little to no experience whatsoever in the real world. 10-14 year olds are usually way too immature to understand what exactly makes up a relationship, and what effort goes into keeping a relationship going. Teenagers in general are more prone to making risky and/or dumb decisions because they tend to overlook the risks and instead focus almost entirely of whatever potential pleasure they can get out of whatever behavior they're about to engage in. Preteens and teenagers, particularly this generation, rarely know what it means to be responsible, at least outside of school. And if you can't even be responsible at home, how are you going to be responsible with another person?

    Yes, you are a very clear exception. One of the very few. The real question is "Are you responsible and mature enough to handle a relationship?" The vast majority of kids your age would not be able to answer "Yes, I am.", which is why it is accepted by most of (Western) society that your age group is too young to date. If more kids your age were as mature and responsible as you, then the consensus would be different.


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  • yeah 14 is too young. not sure y y'all aren't just enjoying being kids. girls will come eventually, dont u worry. no need to rush.

    • I am. But i also use most of my free time to be productive so others can get help they need or give them free time.

  • Do what you like. I'm 15 and I'm with my boyfriend we are very Happy together, so do whatever you like. It's your life no one else's.


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