For people who like " the chase" . What does it mean to you how do you define it and how long is it supposed to last?

Seems like it'd be a pain for both sides unless the people are pathological a nod enjoy mind ducking each other. But whether chasing or chasee you're spending valuable time splaying games instead of just getting to know each other and moving things forward or moving on.

also what happen before a relationship tells you how things will be in the relationship. No amount of proving oneself prior is going to hold any relevance during. I think some people ride on the cost tails of their courting and just stop bothering once they got their prize

I think it makes more sense to just be friends get to I so each other then try a relationship if you're interetd so you can learn early on if you can make it work and move on early on if you can't.

its not like we're here for five hundred years. Each person you play around with superficially is time you could spend alone bettering yourself or getting to know areal person on a real level.

beyond psychotic tendencies I don't see why anyone sane would be interested in playing games.

so women and men what is the chase to you and if you engage in it when do you decide it's time to stop?


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  • Right, I love chasing and I love being chased.

    It sets the mood and pace of the relationship and keeps us on our toes by creating mystery and attraction.

    In an ideal world the chasing game lasts throughout the relationship.

    • I still don't know what chsing mean to you. You said why you like it but what "is" it? I genuinely don't know that's why I'm asking :)

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  • I think the chase is good because if it was too easy it wouldn't be as fun! i recently had a guy that was like in the first week telling me he wanted to live with me spend his life with me etc... i mean in a week! whaat! there was not mystery no nothing it was too much. its kind of fun wondering and building the excitement and when you hit milestones in the relationship its extra nice

    • Taking time to Get to know each other isn't a chase. I still don't get how people are using this term.

      What do you do to feel like you're on a chase?

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    • Ell I was more asking you what you prefer: not want you think he prefers you to do.

      How do you like things to go during early aqcau instance?

      . What would it mean to give evruthing away? It takes time to get to knwo someone in a real way. I dint see how anyone could even on purpose give themselves away too soon. Takes years to know person.

      I don't text or call so none of that maters to me. And I'm usually so cautious aboit not being misunderstood that it's teks me months jsit to start talking. I also do t talk about oerownl things bc I just don't. So I gues I'm not sure what you mean bc I don't really sure anything in the first place. Doesn't feel comfortable. I like to go very slowly.

      How long do you wait before a tually going out on a date? How long till you hug or kiss? How long till you feel comfortable talking about what's in your mind.

      I mean how do you decide when to do whatever you decide to do?

      It's so hard for me to talk that I'm usually more concerned with

    • Trying to do things... Not trying no to do :)

      But like do you actually restrain yourself from doing things you want to do or it suits you?

      Do you think women don't like to feel like they earned something? But I think when someone likes you for that measure you have successfully become a person that someone you like likes. That's working for it. I dint like fabricating work.