Does he like me?

I met a guy who is a the macho man type.. we been talking. For 2 weeks now and he took me out to eat.. we did the do.. and weve just been cool just talking.. he doesn't express hi feelings much.. and i understand that were not in a relationship and he talks to 2 other ladies... so because im not in a relationship.. i figured i can get to kno someone as well.. so he saw me constantly with dude #2 and he gor upset that i was hanging with him and talking to him... I don't know.. but im single and if u want to claim me then do it... other than that.. i can talk to someone else just as well as him... anyways he was real upset over the fact til he said he was goin to block me (but he didn't do it) so i let him dye down over night and in the morning i asked to speak to himand he said yes.. and we communicated abd he felt that i had lied when i said i dont talk to anyone else or whatever.. and he said he still wants. t talk to me.. and were good now.. but im confused about this guys feelings towards me


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  • 1 Yes he probably likes you
    2 He doesn't have a claim to you
    3 He talks to other ladies but gets jealous over you? Wrong

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