Woman can separate Love from Sex?

This isn't really a question
I hear a lot of guys say that women can't have Sex without falling in love, that's not true. Usually the guy that she does end up falling for she liked him anyways. The only way a woman will fall in love with a guy during sex, is if she already liked him. Most women hold out on sex with guys they don't like because societies view points.

Although there is an exception, since us woman like "Different & Fun" A woman who has sex with you on the first night or few dates usually isn't looking for a relationship with you and doesn't like you or care what you think of her vs. A woman who waits 3 months or However long.


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  • Yes women can separate "love" but they can't often separate sex from emotional connection.
    There is a scientific reason behind that.
    When a female has sex the level of oxytocin in her body increases through simple touching, vagina and breast stimulation, intercourse, and orgasm. These levels are higher than in men, and estrogen increases their effectiveness. (In men oxytocin is mainly released during orgasm and testosterone reduces it's affect.)
    Since oxytocin is the chemical which creates a bonding emotional feeling, women are highly likely to become attacked with sexual intercourse.

    The exceptions to this would be during situations like rape or prostitution where the female is not having sex for pleasure and her body is not creating as much oxytocin because of adrenaline and protective responses in her.

    So it really isn't a question, it's a scientific absolute. Women will almost always get emotionally invested to some degree when having sex for pleasure.


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  • So basically you're saying that women who don't care, have sex while women who do care, withhold sex? Why? Is sex the only thing they can offer?

    • No, women who withhold sex from the men she actually likes, is to decipher him from the players, a player might not be willing to wait. Some women who do like you might give in, but most women who give in don't care if you think she's a ***

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    • Yeah, but it depends what your intention is, see if you really are a player why wait 3 months or however long for one girl, than for all those other girls who don't like you and don't care what you think.

    • It's the best scenario only if she trust you also

  • Yes they can, it is very much so possible.


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