How to get ready for the moment to ask a girl out?

So tonight I am hanging out with a girl, we are getting ice cream. We intend to make plans to go to this really cool pier in the city. Although this might sound like a date, I did not ask her to do this explicitly stating that it was a date so from what I know this means it is not a date. What I want to know is when and how you think I should ask her? At the beginning or end? Should I ask if she would be okay going on the pier trip as a date? For all I know she just wants to be friends but she has flirted with me before and has shown signs that she is at least some what interested. Please let me know any advice you have!



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  • Know what you want to say, not what you are going to say. Know what you want to say, there is a huge difference. Basically, don't memorize some script you wrote earlier, just know what you want to say, the basis of what you want to express, and then say it, however it comes out.


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  • Why don't you just ask her at ice cream if this is a date?


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