Why are black girls trying to convince the world that they like white guys so much?

It wasn't that long ago that black women scoffed at the notion of dating non-black guys, but especially white guys. They weren't down with the 'whiteboys' at all, because white guys weren't up to the standard set by black guys. Now, it seems like black girls are on a mission to convince everyone that they actually prefer to date white guys. That's quite a shift. To me, it seems like a backlash to the notion that black men devalue black women by dating girls of other races and claiming to prefer "white" features.

The fact that so many people get angry at this question tells me that I'm onto something. I don't honestly believe that black girls like white guys. I think mostly they're just irritated that so many black guys have begun dating other races of women in large numbers. White guys are nothing more than a convenient second choice for them.
The fact that black women have reacted so angrily to this question tells me that I'm pretty close to the truth. I'm suspicious of the motives of any group that changes its attitude toward an entire group of people so thoroughly and quickly.


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  • Lmao. I dont have to prove shit to anyone (that matters) but myself. Who I date is my business. I don't care about black men dating women women or whoever. They're strangers to me so I'm confused on how I'll care... Plus white men isn't all that just like other races of men. Men are men. What matters is how they treat you.

    My first boyfriend was white by the way (I didn't date him because black guys wasn't available either)
    My boyfriend I just broke up with was black (Didnt date him because I coculdnt get a white boyfriend again)

    Idc. Being in peoples business isn't my thing. Again men is men. What DOES matter is how they treat you.


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  • a woman liking a man? NO! 😱😱😱

    get out of ur 1900's mindset already. so old.

    • You can ignore reality if you want, but it doesn't make you look very astute.

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    • You already proved yourself to be weak-minded given that you were unable to render a logical response to my question.

    • keep talkin buddy.

  • I don't think black girls actually *are* into white guys. I've never really seen any signs of it irl. Black girls liking white guys is an internet fad. It comes across to me as black girls fishing for attention, because so many of them feel rejected and denigrated by black guys. Black guys have this thing for white and Asian girls now, like they think they win some prize by dating a white girl. Black girls don't want to be left in the cold, so they're fishing for attention from white guys.

  • "Now, it seems like black girls are on a mission to convince everyone that they actually prefer to date white guys."
    Yeah that seems really far fetched and also your generalizing.

    • Generalizations are very instructive. We generalize all the time in the physical and social sciences. I talk to black girls all the time so I hear the things they believe.

  • 1. Not all black women.
    2. Because it has become more acceptable in society for them to date white men.
    3. Because of the minority of black men with "misogynoir" attitudes are louder than the majority who are not.
    4. Because they no longer believe the white boy stereotypes.

  • I haven't noticed this being a thing. I personally have always liked white guys. And black guys. And Puerto Rican guys. And Asian guys. The color of their skin never had much to to do with it. But that's just me.

    • Most black women didn't seem to be interested in white guys until Scandal came out lol.

    • Lol oh man. Well I can't speak for the majority, but I'm not apart of that. I've been into them since the boy band days.

    • LOL okay then.

  • I'm a black girl who prefers white guys.

    • I went to school with a lot of black girls, and none of them wanted anything to do with white guys, none. So what changed?

    • Lol I'm black but not African American, I wasn't raised here. I think it has to do with different cultures, I dont have that resentment that blacks and whites have toward each other due to their history so I'm more open to date any race.