Does he really like me or he's trying to sleep with me?

So I met this guy 2 days ago and from the first day we started talking he was constantly flirting after 12 am he started getting all freaking on me I was shocked. Next day we fell asleep together on the phone now today he's telling me he wants to be my boyfriend and I'm acting like I'm afraid to be his girl. It's not that , after my ex I stayed single because I didn't want to feel the feeling of getting played again so I'm waiting it out. This boy reminds me of my ex in so many ways , The confident , cocky , arrogant , persistent , demanding type of guy. And I'm scared because I feel like he's going to play me just like my ex. He's already Tried to be with my best friend. He started talking to her first then to me.


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  • It is all happening too fast, be careful.


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  • He wants to be your boyfriend after 2 days?

    That doesn't seem right... especially if he is already reminding you of your ex. When guys pushes you and want things too fast too soon then you can almost always be sure they have not so good intentions. I mean to know if you are truly into someone you need to spend time with them.. you can't know that after 2 days.

    • Exactly. And I'm telling him I don't know him that well , it's only been 2 days and he say I shouldn't worry about that.

    • Yeaaaah that seems like a thing only a sleazy guys would say! He should know better. I stay tell him it's too soon and that you want to chill and get to know each other first. That makes you look cooler too :)

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