Have you ever regretted asking for space from your significant other?

My boyfriend works very hard, as he's trying to build a life for himself in a new profession. I have been nothing but supportive for him and really want him to fight for what he's passionate about. We've been working on respecting eachothers time recently. and Im trying to show him this by accepting the fact that I can only see him on weekends, but recently, he's become preoccupied whenever he's with me and starts checking out. I've gotten angry because I feel like he's not respecting my time when I'm with him. All he wants to do is watch tv and not talk to me. So I asked for space, so that we could both think about what we wanted from this relationship. I wrote him a letter, explaining why I wanted space, but reaffirmed why I still want to fight for our relationship, despite these challenges. Now I'm regretting asking for space, but now he's not responding. I don't know what to do.


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  • I say give him time. If you want change to happen let him know you are serious. Don't give in. He will start missing you and reach out. If he doesn't he was not the one for you. In order for change to take place you must do something differently. Stand your ground because you are the prize. I pray everything works out. Ps. I know from experience...