Friendzone expanded now a withdrawl? Should I move on? Give the situation space?

Guy friend I have.

we been connecting outside the friendship (lots of flirting), mutual that is. Even people close to me pointed out the chemistry both ends. Anyway we are both single, but lately the distance has been crazy between us out of the blue. More he is distant. I'm guessing maybe his feelings are confused. Also it's a possibility of the case of the ex back in picture. Or no longer interested.

Either way that dont excuse the rude distance, such as not speaking, aggressive when I speak. (weird)
I'm not for mind games or one to chase. Should I just ignore him too and kiss goodbye to our friendship and potential? It sucks cause we are really good friends


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  • Are you a guy, so this is further complicated from being a gay relationship?

    • @truthbeknown I'm a girl, I'm new to this site didn't realize i selected male until someone pointed it out to me. will start a new account. Thanks for feedback

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