Golden rule: don't get involved with a classmate at the start of a three year uni course right?

That's right right? I mean, that's one of the most careless, reckless, stupid things a person could do at uni right? I mean sure if after a year or a year and half two classmates just naturally drift into each other's arms then that's the natural way of things, but don't try and force or rush anything early on that's right right? There's a lot at stake, have to stay around each other for three years afterwards no matter what happens. Could ruin the poor girls education by making her drop out if you get involved too rushed and carelessly.

What ought a man to do if he gets a mega crush on a lass at the start of a three year course?


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  • The most reckless and stupid thing a person could do is call university "uni". Everyone knows that.

    • Yes because it's not at all productive or progressive to save character usage on a character limited format.

    • Saving 7 letters isn't productive. It's just laziness.

  • This is absolute idiocy. If a guy likes a girl, he needs to make his move NOW, before some other guy will.

    Why wait? I know quite a few couples that met freshman year of high school and are now married with kids.